Week 3/4: Mind Games

Week 3/4: Mind Games

Your mind is your nightmare. Well, it is for me at least. I tell myself things everyday, whether that’s good or bad, I never know. We always say that you are your own enemy and I can’t agree with that anymore. You give yourself the most hate, so stop. 

I tell you to stand in the mirror and call yourself beautiful, smile and love you for you. I do this every morning, but I still always have such a hard time. I wake up, put some clothes on and look at myself, make sure I match and my outfit looks well. 

“You look bad”

 “Wow your legs kinda look fat in those shorts”

 “Can your hair look any worse” 

I then change outfits because I do not look good enough, I restyle my hair because it looks awful and my self esteem just hit the ground. All because I thought and told myself these things. 

When I caught myself doing this, I tried so hard to stop. I left the outfit on, left my hair alone and went on with my day. Sure, I got compliments and told that I looked beautiful, but I didn’t feel that way. I felt so insecure because my mind made me feel like I didn’t look good. I walked the halls and went through my day feeling so down and depressed. I didn’t know why I felt like everyone was judging me when it was really just myself. How was I going to stop…… ); 

I prayed. I asked God to help me with my mind, and my confidence. I wanted to be able to listen to myself and it be positive. 

“Hannah you look wonderful” 

“This shirt makes my eyes look good today” 

“I did my makeup good this morning, yay me” 

I felt these things. Slowly I have started to defeat my mind and myself as an enemy. I shut it out and took control. Don’t think that I completely did though, I still battle myself everyday it feels like, but my battles have become easier. I learned to not be so hard on myself, that I am pretty and there is nothing wrong with feeling that way. 

A Few Ways to Win:

  • Pray
  • Ignore your thoughts and go about your day. 
  • Talk to someone you trust, tell them how you feel. 
  • Fight back. When you tell yourself something negative, immediately say something positive back. 
  • Don’t do what you say. Don’t change the outfit or the hair, go out, smile and have fun. You look great. 💗

You mind is your worst nightmare. You yourself are your worst enemy, but are you brave enough to face yourself and take control? 

Week 4/4: Simpy You.  nxt weekend. 💕 

I have a few exciting things coming up this next week/ two weeks hopefully and I am so excited to share them with y’all. Thank you so much for being so supportive and reading. 

XOXO Han 💗

Week 2/4: Ways to Accept/Self Love 

Week 2/4: Ways to Accept/Self Love 

I am so beyond sorry I am a day late, I had an awful day yesterday and some family stuff going on, but here is week 2. I hope y’all enjoy ❤️ 

My mom always told me when I was younger; “It’s not what’s on the outside, it’s what on the inside” That never truly clicked with me until I got old enough to understand the whole saying. My body is not what makes me beautiful, being truly kind and showing that I love who I am makes me beautiful. My confidence in myself makes me beautiful. 

I know it’s hard to love yourself, all of you, every single flaw… granted I still to this day don’t fully 100% love myself. Nobody does and I believe that nobody will, it’s just human nature, but there are ways to love and accept yourself.

10 Ways to Love You and Accept You:

1. Tell yourself you’re beautiful. 

You are so so loved and all of those flaws are what make you… you. Believe that they were placed there for a reason. 

2. Point out what you love, rather than what you hate. 

Stand in the mirror every morning and and tell yourself what you love. “You have an amazing smile” “My skin is so pretty today” “I look beautiful today”

3. Smile. 

Just smile. You will feel a difference.

4. Find your uniqueness 

What about you makes you different and special? Is it your hair, smile, personality. Find what makes you, you and LOVE IT. 

5. Pray. 

Ephesians 2:19-22 says “Whenever you feel unloved or unimportant… insecure or not pretty.. remember to whom you belong to.”

Ask God for some confidence, tell Him how you feel and He will fulfill you. 


Whatever you do, do not compare yourself to another. There will always be someone prettier or more fit, smarter or more athletic than you. AND THAT IS OKAY. 

7.  Show yourself off

You deserve to be showen off, take those selfies and love you. 

8. Go out!! 

Go have fun with friends, whether it’s just a run to the store, dress up and feel pretty and go out! Have fun, and always smile.


Being active helps you. Clearing your skin and sweating out all those toxins will make your skin clear and beautiful. Also you will be in shape. 

10. Look at the sunset, and realize it is beautiful. Now look at yourself.. you’re beautiful too. 

Psalm 62:5 says “my soul finds rest in God alone because my confidence comes from him.” 

You are one of a kind and so so loved. 

XOXO Han 💗

Week 3: Your Mind. nxt Saturday. 

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Arm Workout 1

If you read my About Me section you would know that I absolutely love to go to the gym and if you follow me on social media you would see that I live in the gym lol (;

I had some request about my workouts so I decided to write about my other passion, fitness and health. Most people don’t understand and some even give me hate about how I can write my blogs about self love, but then talk about fitness. They continuously ask me “Do you not love the way you look?” or “Why are you trying to change your body?” I don’t hate my body, I am simply taking care of it. Fitness or even exercise is an important part of your health, everyone should be active for at least 30 minutes in their day. No, I am not a professional trainer or even a health expert, but I do know that your body is your temple and God intended you to care for it.

I’ve been asked how I motivate myself to go to the gym everyday and the answer is easy…. I don’t. Working out for me is something that I look forward to everyday. If you need help gaining motivation to go to the gym, be on the look out for next blog post about … hint hint … Gym Motivation.

Now, onto my arm workout. Yesterday was arm day for me and I did a simple tri-set. This workout is a burner, my arms were on fire the whole time and today while writing this post.. wow are they sore. The key to this workout is moving fast with little time between workouts and going nice and slow while hitting the workout to really work that muscle.

I usually take about a minute rest between each tri-set to really make sure I am having enough strength to complete them correctly.

Triceps/Chest Tri-set:

  1. Tricep-ups: basically place your fore arm on the bench in a push up position, you may do this on the ground if you are a beginner, and simply do an up down by moving to your hands then back down to your fore arm. Repeat 10-15 times
  2. 20 seated svend press
  3. 10 laying weight presses and 15 rotating dumbbell presses: use the amount of weight that is perfect for you.

Repeat these three workouts 3 times and then there you have it, you completed the Tri-set.

A tip from me to you would be to stretch very good before and after you complete this workout to help with the soreness that will follow. Also DO NOT be afraid of working out your chest, no your boobs will not shrink, they will actually grow as you build up muscle.

I hope that you enjoy this workout and if you liked this give it a like so I will know to make sure to do more post like this.




Week 1/4: Acceptance 

Week 1/4: Acceptance 

Do you accept you? Do you understand who you are and what you can accomplish in life? I guess the most important question would be, do people truly accept themselves or do they accept the person society made them? Society and the people around you have a way of changing you. Magazines, Social Media, Tv, they all make you look at yourself different, so ask yourself the question, Do you accept you or the society you? 

The world today is all technology, we are constantly on our phones. We watch shows like “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and see their perfect, society must have bodies. Then look at ourselves and wonder why we don’t look like that. Am I accepted with the body I have or am I being looked down on? 

Music is what keeps me moving, I constantly listen to music. Although my favorite is country music, I tend to listen to some other genres too. Slim thick, flat stomach, must be thick but can’t be fat. Those are just a few of the several sayings about women in songs. I’m not bashing any music, I listen to it, but are young girls hearing it and wondering if that’s what they MUST look like to get the boys, or to be liked? 

That’s what society seems to have taught us, if you’re not a girl with a media body, perfect flawless skin and can look good with makeup and even better without it then you don’t meet the standards of media…

 You are beautiful.

For the longest time I truly thought I wasn’t pretty enough or that I didn’t have a good enough body. I was always told “you don’t have a butt” or “you don’t have boobs, why wear a bra??”  I didn’t understand that I didn’t need either of those things, I was young, it always hurt me, it made my self esteem drop low. I felt ugly. 

I’ve grown and I’ve matured, the same people who once laughed at me for not having a butt/boobs can no longer laugh at me. They are now jealous because I accept myself for what I look like, I am beautiful because I am fearfully and wonderful made. 

Love yourself for who you are and what you look like. You do not need to match society and be someone you’re not. You don’t need to wear makeup and watch what you eat to be pretty. If you wanna wear makeup, wear it, you look amazing.. and if you don’t, then don’t.. YOU LOOK AMAZING.  Accept you, for you. That goes for anything you love to do. Do what makes you happy and what makes you feel beautiful, nobody’s opinion matters. 

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>>> You are one of a kind. <<<

XOXO, Han💗

Week 2: Ways to Accept/ Love Yourself. next saturday 08/12 

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