– 12 Things –

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share 12 out of many ways you can help yourself feel your best and just be confident. You are beautiful and wonderful. I hope y’all had an amazing week this past week and thank y’all so much for reading💗 

1. Smile. You are so beautiful and loved and smiling just shows happiness and ugh just smile. 

2. Walk with your head held high. Even when you’re sad, you just have to be positive. 

3. Listen to yourself. If you think you look beautiful, then show yourself off. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. 

4. Go out with friends. Go have fun and live your life.

5. LAUGH. Yes, this is a lot like smiling but when I laugh my heart is just so joyful. 

6. Do what you love. Fashion? Gym? Shopping? Go out and do it. I constantly am at the gym because it brings me comfort and I feel my best knowing I had a good workout that day.

7. Stop. Comparing. Yourself. How many times do I have to say this. There is always someone who will be better or have something you don’t have, but that will never make you less beautiful. 

8. Be Happy. 🌞

9. Clear out your clutter. If you just constantly have a negative bubble around you then no you won’t feel your best or look your best. 

10. Surround yourself with people who make you feel loved and happy. My friends are my support system, along with my family. When I feel down I can talk to them and not feel judged. 

11. Walk with a purpose. Be confident and look confident. 

12. Remember who made you. You are loved and wanted. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14 


A B S 

A B S 

Oh the sweet sweet abs…… they are a pain to get and keep. One tip before I share one of my favorite workouts with you is that abs are made in the KITCHEN not the gym. Yes, the gym does help you achieve your goals but the saying “you are what you eat” does apply to this one. 

Abs 101:

  • 30 seconds V-Ups or suitcases 
  • 15 cross crunches (each leg) touch your elbow to your opposite knee while doing the crunch form.
  • 20 crunches
  • 30 flutter kicks, keep your legs straight, and do not let your feet touch the ground. kick your legs slightly up and down. 
  • 15 heel touches (each leg) 
  • 1 minute plank 

REPEAT 3X !!!! yes, you will feel the burn but keep going.. IT’S WORKING

I hope you enjoyed this workout! Comment down below if you want any specific workouts or fitness plans. You can also click “contact me” and I can have a one on one with you! 

XOXO Han 💗

I am what I am. 

I am what I am. 

Have you ever wanted to be someone you’re not, like literally, have you ever wanted to not be you? I have, and it’s the worst. You constantly hate yourself and feel like you’re not enough to someone or even just to yourself. 

I hated that feeling. Being in a time where anything and everything I did never felt good enough or like I fit in was rough. I tore myself up about it time after time to be someone I am not cut out to be. Until I read 

1 Corinthians 15:10 “by the grace of God. I am what I am.” 

I am who I am because God made me this way. I am a blogger because God called me to spread his word through my words and writing. 

It’s hard to understand some things He had planned for me, but I learn to understand that He has this plan that will make me the person I am supposed to be. Even if it’s not something I want to happen, I have to learn to understand and know that it’s for a reason. Example could be maybe not getting into the college you wanted or not getting the job you wanted. God doesn’t have your life planned out there or doing that, you have to trust Him.

I can’t say it enough. YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE BY THE GRACE OF GOD. And He loves you so so much. So never forget even when times get hard that you are fearful and wonderful and God had the greatest plan made for you, you just have to let Him take the wheel and live for Him. The way he made you, not as someone else. ❤️

XoXo Han 💗

3 D A Y S 

3 D A Y S 

3 days. 3 hours. 3 minutes. 3 seconds. It’s simple, took me forever to learn, but once I finally made this rule for myself…  my life took a turn. 

Being a girl is always said to be so difficult because girls can be so mean. 🤕 (yes guys can be mean too) Girls have drama and love to bring each other down.. when in reality we all are the same. We go through the same things and we all have feelings. So my question is: Why do we continue to hurt each other when we know what it has felt like to be on the other end? 

Growing up, especially through middle school and the beginning of high school I took gossip to the heart. The words I heard about me absolutely killed me each time, even when i knew they weren’t true. I wanted people to like me, not talk about me.  I would come home crying when I had bad days and my mom would always just say “why do you care so much about what others say?” Why did I care so much? Popularity? Reputation? Acceptance?? 

When I finally broke down and asked myself why I cared so much, I couldn’t come up with an answer. It was never truly hurting my life, sure I had bad days and often felt sad, but was I dying? Was I truly so hurt that it impacted how my life was gonna turn out and the plan God has in store for me? This is when I brought the 3-Rule into my life and it’s the best choice I’ve made


If it’s not going to impact you’re life in 3 days, why let it impact your life in the next 3 seconds or even the moment it was happening? 

Why ever let someone take your happiness away to try and make happiness for themselves by hurting you? 

After I took this in, I began to see the world and society so different. When things happened I thought before I reacted. I choose happiness. I didn’t care what was being said anymore because I know what is true and what is not and why does it matter?  I want you to choose happiness. Don’t let someone bring you down so they can raise up, instead brush it off. It’s not that big and you’re alive and breathing so be happy. 


*comment down below a time when you choose happiness and make sure you subscribe/via email* 

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Today’s post is going to be a little different, but with all that’s going on in today’s world I believe we need a little prayer. 

Praying is something so big and so so important in my life. It’s a way to express to God about difficult things in my life that I need a little extra help with or to have Him help someone around me a little more too. How often have you sat and prayed with someone though? Praying by yourself is different, still amazing and powerful, but have you prayed with someone? 

Praying is something so powerful so here are a few ways you can start: 

  • Set a time and place, meet with God everyday. If you think you don’t have time, you’re wrong. It take as little as 15 seconds to talk to God. 
  • Keep a prayer journal, write down your prayers of things you want to pray for. 
  • Use a devotional. These are amazing and I have several, they help you guide your reading and gives a prayer at the end. 
  • FIND A PARTNER. Someone you can trust and pray together. 
  • Don’t give up. God wants you to talk to Him, and He listens… even if it’s been awhile give Him a call. He will be right there. 

A hard thing for me is that sometimes I tend to pray for selfish things, or ask God for too much and then I don’t get it… he doesn’t give it to me. Remember that God still has a plan, and the thing you are praying for might not be set in your life. Understand that you might not know this now.. but you will understand later. ❤️

Talk to Him about anything, if you’re sad ask Him for comfort. If you’re happy, thank Him for what He is doing. Need some help, He will be there. God will listen to anything you have to say, so talk away. 

To wrap this up, know that even if it’s been years since you’ve talked to God, just talk to Him as if he was sitting right next to you. You’d be amazed at what might happen. 

A few things to pray for in today’s society: 

  • Houston 
  • Florida 



• k i n d n e s s •

• k i n d n e s s •

Have you ever been told that being ugly makes you ugly? I have and I agree 100%. You can be the prettiest girl in the whole world and have it all, but if you have an ugly heart and you’re not kind.. that takes it all away. 

Since I was little bitty, I was taught to Kill with Kindness no matter what. Growing up you deal with mean people. You might have even been bullied, it’s just part of life. I was and even when I came home crying my mom and dad told me to be nice and kind to them. When they were mean to me, I was to be nice and say something kind to them right then. I NEVER UNDERSTOOD THIS. I just wanted to be mean right back and even just punch them in the face, but I was kind. 

To this day, I follow this. I saw myself and other people who were kind and it truly makes someone 10X better. I felt prettier and even more Christ like.

Sure, it’s easy to be kind to someone who can give you something in return right? Maybe a teacher who will give you a good grade, or a friend who will get you a gift. This isn’t what I am talking about, being kind and being kind are so different. God wants you to be kind to your enemies, and those who hate along with those who are kind and those who love. He wants his kindness to shine through you. 

Proverbs 31:8-9 says ” Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Defend the poor and the needy.” 

God wants us to be kind and loving. You don’t want people to see you being mean all the time and being rude to people, but then turning around with a speaking about God. That doesn’t add up, God is not hate. God is love. 

I know it’s hard to be nice 100% and honestly I think that is impossible. That is okay, don’t put yourself down if you said one rude thing. We are not perfect and we make mistakes, we’re human. Instead, apologize to who (even if this is yourself) you were rude to. Then work harder on not doing that again, instead if you want to say something mean.. walk away. Don’t speak or just say “okay.” Just be kind. 

Being kind will make you pretty. A kind face and kind heart are what people want. So the next time you feel the need to be mean and ugly, remember…. Kindness makes you pretty and being rude ruins it all. 

XOXO Han 💗

Leg Day 1

This is my all out (second) favorite day. I love working all parts of my leg.. quads, hams, and the 🍑. 

I do leg day 3 days out of the week, make sure you choose a good schedule so you can allow yourself a rest day. You should always have a rest day so your muscles can heal up and not be over worked. Over worked muscles will NOT GROW so DO NOT do leg day everyday, or arm day etc. 

Let’s make this post short and simple, I know you’re ready for the work out. 😜

I love Tri-sets… as you all know so what do I have this week…. A TRI-SET!! 


Yes, these are simple workouts but you will feel the burn!!!!!

1. Squats: If you are trying to be big do heavy weight as many reps as you can. If you want to tone up do light weight at 12-15 reps. Make sure your knees are not going over your toes (: 

2. Lunges: 12-15 lunges per leg. Rules are still the same as above and make sure your knees are not going over your toes because this will hurt your knees and can cause problems!! You can hold dumbells on each side of even use a bar. Whichever is easiest for you, but try to do a good weight, remember that’s how they grow! 

3. Jump Squat: 15-20 jump squats. These require no weight but make sure you are going as low as you can, and squeezing when you reach the too of the jump. 

Repeat each workout 3-4 times…. You are gonna feel the BURN🔥.
I have been sick this past week and on some medication that makes me bloat and I don’t know about y’all but that makes me go harder in the gym. I’ve been feeling so much better so I finally got the energy to write a fitness post(: I hope y’all enjoy and comment down below what area you wanna workout next!